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Jalil Benabdillah

SDTech was created by Jalil Benabdillah, a graduate from the Alès school of Engineering (IMT Mines Alès) with a doctorate from the University of Sciences of Montpellier. His career as a business creator and entrepreneur is marked by substantial civic involvement and commitment to the local economy.

Aziz Aït Amer
Managing Director

Aziz Ait Amer obtained his engineering degree from the Alès school of Engineering (IMT Mines Alès). He moved to Montpellier where he obtained a doctorate in Process and Particulate Engineering & Physico-chemistry of materials, before returning to Alès to set up SDTech with his lifelong friend.

Our history

Since its establishment in 1999, SDTech Groupe has gained renown both as a key player in innovation and an industry partner.

Our commitments

Innovation, striving for excellence and demonstrating our integrity on a daily basis have been key elements in our past successes, remain fundamental to our current achievements and will undoubtedly lay the foundations for our future accomplishments.

Our overriding objective is to ensure customer and partner satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we have established the following commitments:


Innovation plays an integral role in our strategy. It acts as a lever for development and differentiation since innovating allows our teams to constantly gain new knowledge and skills, enabling us to anticipate the needs of our customers and adapt to the challenges they face.


Expertise is essential to SDTech because of its fundamental role in guaranteeing high quality service and providing added value for our customers. Rigour and high standards structure our professional approach and constantly shape our relations with all our collaborators.


Trust is a crucial value for SDTech because transparency, reliability and respect are the keys to a healthy, lasting and efficient relationship between colleagues and with our customers and partners. It is an essential feature in the smooth running of our group.